Our SoyNutra™

At Sun Nutrafoods we are producing line of soy protein products to cater the needs of various customers. Soy protein is a highly versatile ingredient whose limitation to application in the food processing industry is only imagination.

Our company allows food processors a choice of soy proteins to enhance the nutritional, protein, and textural qualities of finished products. Products from Sun Nutrafoods feature minimum protein levels of 50 percent on a moisture-free basis, are available in a variety of granulations, and can be used in many different applications — from providing timely protein delivery in fermentation processes to playing a vital role in enhancing freshness and extending shelf life in commercial food applications.

Products, their Functionality, and Applications
Product PDI Functionality Application Product Code
Soy Flours
Full Fat Enzyme Active 70-80 Bleaching, Shelf Life, Increases Yield Bread, Biscuits, Fermentation SoyNutra-FFSF-EA
Full Fat Enzyme Inactive 20-30 Nutritional Supplement Baking, Confectionery SoyNutra-FFSF-EIA
Defatted Untoasted 70-80 Controlled Water
Absorption, Less Oil Absorption
Bakery, Pasta,
Meat, Baby Foods,
Breakfast Cereals, Confectionery
SoyNutra-DSF (UT)
Defatted Toasted 20-35 Nutritional Supplement, Texturization, Protein Emulgation Agent
in Meat
Meat, Baby Foods, Confectionery, Dietetics SoyNutra-DSF (T)
Soy Grits
Full Fat Untoasted 70-80   Soy Sauce, Soy Milk SoyNutra-FFG (UT)
Defatted Untoasted 70-80 Water Absorption Textured Soy Proteins SoyNutra-Grits (UT)
Soy Flakes
Defatted Toasted 20-35 Fermentation Soy Sauce SoyNutra-Flakes (T)