Non-GMO Soy Lecithin

India and Non-GMO

In India, cultivation or import of genetically modified soybeans is prohibited. Our farmers only grow 100% Non-GMO Soybeans throughout the country. Therefore, all Soy products manufactured in India are 100% Non-GMO and this is one of the reason why Indian Soy products are preferred worldwide.

EU Regulation

According to EU Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 a real Non-GMO traceability is required and if ingredients cannot certify full traceability then those ingredients in final products have to be labeled as ‘produced from genetically modified organisms’.

Sun Nutrafoods and Non-GMO (Hard IP) Policy

In line with the permanent development of a quality system and the adoption of international standards of traceability, Sun Nutrafoods has implemented Identity Preservation Programme certified by CERT-ID certification organization. This program defines a process for preserving genetic purity from seed production to the delivery of the final product, while strictly observing the control procedure for any segment in the production chain, with clearly defined traceability and system documentation.

All our Soy products are 100% Non-GMO and based on the documentation available and PCR analysis (transgenic DNA, Roundup Ready (RR) soybean, 50 cycle 35S-Promoter, NOS-Terminators, Fig Mosaic Promoter, Cotton Reference Gene) labeling of this product according to EU regulation 1830/2003 is not necessary.

Sun Nutrafoods and Traceability

Through our integrated documentation system full traceability can be established from the final batch of product to all the way back to the region from where beans were sourced to make that batch. All along the value chain we follow stringent checks to make sure our customers receive the quality and 100% Non Genetically Modified product.

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