Animal Feed

Soy lecithin is a natural sourced, consistent, superior feed ingredient that is an excellent source of dietary phospholipids. Addition of lecithin in animal feed promotes, skin quality, feed utilization, growth rates, shiny coat, and etc.

Lecithin is known to be a consistent source of highly bioavailable phospholipids to various shellfishes, lobsters, krill, shrimps, and fishes. Lecithin has an interactive role in the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, which helps improve the growth and survival of aquaculture species. The benefits of lecithin are especially pronounced in the diets of young aquatic species. The underdeveloped digestive tracts of these young creatures are very limited in their ability to synthesize adequate quantities of phospholipids. Supplementing with lecithin as a source of phospholipids, choline and inositol enhances growth and survival in larval fishes.

At Sun Nutrafoods, lecithin for feed is also produced to food manufacturing standards assuring consistent nutrient and energy values as well as high biological activity, especially in PC and PI.

Some of the benefits of lecithin for feed industry:
  • Improves growth rate
  • Improves feed utilization efficiency
  • Good energy source
  • Helps to bind dust
  • Excellent source to choline and inositol
  • Natural antioxidant
  • Improves fur quality and shininess