A Nutrient of Choice

Lecithin help make chocolate smooth and powdered baby formula dissolve easily in water. In margarine it is not only used as an emulsifier but also aids as anti-spattering agent, whereas in bread it helps to increase machinability of dough and in biscuits and wafers it helps to emulsify the fat and improve water binding. It helps ink flow from ballpoint pens, in spray paints it provides even coatings, and in cooking sprays it keeps food from sticking to hot surfaces. Lecithin does not only provide technical advantages in the production of food products but is also a highly valuable part of daily nutrition.

At Sun Nutrafoods, we provide broad range of lecithin products under the brand name Emulsithin® to serve customers in several product applications. We work closely with product formulators to jointly develop new formulations or provide technical assistance in existing products.

Summarize of lecithin applications
  Standard lecithin Hydrolyzed
Pc enriched lecithin
Chocolate & Confection
Release Agents
Animal Feed
Cocoa Powder
Chewing Gum
Milk Powder / Instant Drinks
Instant Noodles
Pharmaceuticals / Dietetic