Release Agent

In food applications, release agents are most often used for removal of sticking materials from hot or cold surfaces of molds and pans. It can also be used to keep two products from sticking each other like cheese slices and meats. Lecithin has a hydrophilic and lipophilic property that makes it an effective pan release agent.

There are products, which are stored in varying temperature conditions that tend to make them stick to each other. If low viscosity lecithin is used it can help to create a barrier between products. Lecithin has properties that create a barrier/layer between the product and pan, mold, or belt.

Benefits of using lecithin in pan, belt, and product release applications:

  • Belt Release

    It can be included in oil or melted shortening

    Water dispersible product is well suited and aids after cleanup

    It helps to keep final product’s shape smooth and even cooked

  • Pan Release

    Helps to form fluid lipid barrier

    Quick and clean separation

    Low viscosity product available

  • Product Release

    Prevents sticking in finished food products

    Typically used for cheese and meat applications