Sun Nutrafoods offers SoyNutra line of soy flour ingredients made from 100% Non-GMO soybeans that are an excellent and cheapest source of protein. Our soy proteins are used in multiple applications to create several functional attributes; our products are produced from high quality golden yellow Indian soybeans which are further processed into variety of products, including full fat soy flours, defatted soy flours, soy flakes, and soy grits.

In bakery applications, our SoyNutra line of flours helps create a better crumb structure, improves dough machinability (making the dough more elastic), increases water absorption and retention and replaces eggs. In addition, due to its film-forming properties, SoyNutra defatted & full fat soy flours can significantly increase the shelf-life stability of baked products — preventing fat migration and water uptake.